Wild rosemary (Eriocephalus africanus). Featured plant at Towerkop Nursery.

Wild rosemary

Wild rosemary

 E. africanus is a fragrant and medicinal plant having a wide distribution in the Western and Eastern Cape, and inNamaqualandE. africanus has silver foliage, with brown and pale yellow inflorescences in corymbs. Essential oil derived from E. africanus is used as an ingredient in medicinal and perfume products. To 1m tall & across, it blooms early winter well into summer, its white flowers are loved by bees. The flowers are followed by fluffy seed heads looking much like cotton wool. Stiffly branching with aromatic needle-like foliage covered with tiny hairs, this bushy shrub displays an overall silvery-grey appearance.


An excellent shrub for the dry garden. Tap-rooted, it’s extremely drought tolerant & prefers well-drained soil, though it does tolerate some clay. Can be lightly pruned to encourage bushiness or trained into a hedge. Beautiful combined with Restios or Melianthus. Commonly used in South Africa for colds & coughs & lots more.

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