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John the Farmer went up the Swartberg pass!

PassRecently re-opened after flood damage, the Swartberg pass was built in 1887 by Thomas Bain. It connects the Little karoo to the Groot Karoo through the majestic Swartberg mountains. It is 24km of gravel road barely wide enough for two cars to pass. A favourite for mountain bikers.

Seven new duckies on the allotment.


Seven new duckies on the allotment !

Appropriately named call ducks: So cute at this stage before they start quacking and tearing into the succulents…

Today John the Farmer is germinating an avo pit.


Remove and clean pit. Make sure the narrow end points up. Don’t remove the brown skin.

Insert 3-4 toothpicks into the pit around the equator at a slight angle so that the pit rests in the water of your cup/ bowl/ glass.

Remember to top up with water as required.

Your Avocado pit will first root then shoot will appear.

Wait till young sapling has a few sets of leaves before transplanting out so that the top of the pit just sticks above ground.

Avocado’s are monoecious so they have both male and female flowers which don’t open at the same time so one should plant at least two nearby.


Progress after two weeks !





Today John the Farmer is processing mustard seed



Garden Scenes at TowerkopNursery this Summer.

This gallery contains 10 photos.


Four new duckies on the farm.


Four new ducklings on the farm

Four new ducklings on the farm

Today John the Farmer harvested pea seed pods !

Dried pea pods

Dried pea pods

Today John the Farmer harvested dried pea seed pods for next season’s planting. Originals were from Prince Charles’s duchy organic range.

Today John the Farmer visited Nelson Mandela Bay.

Grass Roof

Grass Roof



Succulent Garden


Succulent Garden


Succulent collection


Succulent Nursery

John the Farmer’s falafal recipe




2 Cups Dried chickpeas soaked over-night. (if you don’t have a meat grinder you can use canned chickpeas)

50ml Olive Oil

30ml Lemon juice

2 cloves garlic

2 green chillies

1 medium onion

1 medium green pepper

1t paprika

1t cayanne  pepper

1t cummin powder

1T coriander powder

salt + pepper

Ground falafal

Ground falafal

Once you have ground the chickpeas add the finely chopped onion, garlic, green chilli and green pepper.

Add the spices.

Mix all the dry ingredients thoroughly.

Add the olive oil and lemon juice.

falafal balls

falafal balls

Roll the mixture into balls and eihter deep fry them or fry in a shallow pan, turning them often, until golden brown.

You can freeze falafal balls and fry them directly when needed.

Fried falafal

Fried falafal

falafal wrap

falafal wrap

You can serve falafal with a tzatziki or coleslaw on a pita or wrap !

Today John the Farmer made this water feature.

Old bath

Old Bath

I First sunk this old bath….

Woven bed

Woven Bed

I used a trellis as a border for the bed then wove slats into them. I then lined the trellis with bidem to hold the soil and filled the bed with soil.

Water Feature

Water Feature

The Water Feature is now filled with plants and the bed is ready for planting!

Still to come is a submersible pump and fountain..