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Today John the Farmer is processing mustard seed



Garden Scenes at TowerkopNursery this Summer.

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Today John the Farmer made a salad from the veg patch.

Organic Salad

Organic Salad

Today John the Farmer made a salad from organic ingredients.

Cos lettuce, Wasabi mustard, whole baby Beetroot, Dandelion greens, Garlic Chives, Mint, Radishes and Nasturtium flowers.

Added chopped Olives and dressed with Olive Oil, Balsasmic vinegar and seed mix.



May have found what’s been eating my peas..




Today John the Farmer staked Tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum)

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  The tomato belongs to the nightshade family. The plants typically grow to 1–3 meters (3–10 ft) in height and have a weak stem that often sprawls over the ground and vines over other plants. It is a perennial in its … Continue reading

Today John the Farmer picked organic apricots.



Picking Apricots

Picking Apricots

Today John the Farmer harvested Broad (fava) beans.

Broad (Fava) beans

Broad (Fava) beans

Fava beans

Fava beans

Blanching of beans:

Remove beans from pods

1) Prepare a bowl of ice water with ice cubes

2) Rapidly boil water in a frying pan/ pot

3)Blanch beans in boiling water for 1min. (Beans go bright green)

4) Plunge beans in ice water

5) Drain beans and freeze on a tray in a single layer

6) Once frozen, store in zip lock bags.

7) Simply defrost beans and use as needed.

Enjoy !