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Today John the Farmer harvested Flat-leafed parsley and made Salsa Verde !

Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde !

Got this recipe from my friend Vanda (a real Italian lady) who, of course, doesn’t work with measures :

Salsa Verde

I used 370g chopped parsley (More than pictured)

1 cup Olive oil

Juice of two lemons

garlic to taste

1tsp salt

1tsp freshly ground pepper.

Chop up parsley, cover with olive oil. Squeeze lemon juice, add to mixture . Add chopped garlic . Season with salt & pepper.

Use as is in salads, pasta, on snacks etc.

Today John the Farmer collected duck’s eggs .

Duck's eggs .

Today John the Farmer collected Duck's eggs .


John the Farmer’s pancake recipe :
3 duck’s eggs.
3 cups milk (soy milk okay)
1tbsp butter

2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar

Melt the butter
Beat the eggs
Add the milk
Add the melted butter

Mix the flour, salt , sugar .
Add to egg/ milk mixture gradually while whisking, until the desired consistency .

Pour into pan & fry until bubbles appear, then turn over, until pancake begins to brown .

Today John the Farmer harvested organic peas . The Broad beans are also looking good, so I found this Jamie Oliver recipe :


Today John the Farmer made Cape gooseberry preserve .

Cape gooseberry preserve

Cape gooseberry preserve

1. Cover gooseberries with equal ammnt of sugar & leave to stand overnight in a deep heavy pan.
2. Add enough hot water to cover the gooseberries and stir over a low heat, just enough to melt the sugar.
3. Meanwhile make up a thin syrup on the side .(1L water to 1kg sugar)
4. Rapidly boil the gooseberries until translucent, then reduce the heat to thicken .(About 30min)
5. Skim off foam, add to hot sterilized jars and top up with the hot syrup that you made.
6. Seal the jars and allow to cool.